Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kindness is contagious – even in real estate.

Everyone is moving in so many directions this time of year.  Be careful what you are missing.  

I watched a YouTube video the other day - one person picked up a wallet dropped by a shopper and followed them to return it.  That person helped a senior with her packages across the street.  The senior gave a young woman the change she needed for the parking meter……
You get the picture.  (See Below)

Remember the movie – “Pay it Forward” – that’s what was happening and although it had likely be choreographed for the video if you stop to think of your every day routines you’ll have to admit, kindness is contagious.

Selling real estate through the holidays can be so much more stressful for everyone concerned, than other times of the year.  The sellers are busy preparing for their families and their visitors – the last thing they really want are strangers traipsing through their homes – even though the house is decorated so beautifully.

Buyers would not commonly choose this time of year to buy so they are likely dealing with a job change or transfer – which means kids changing schools and leaving friends ... not happy about it.  Spouses upset for the timing of the pending move – a new community, new friends – a job change for them that was not planned.

REALTORS®, while preparing their own homes for Christmas, are frantically getting their yearend paper work done for the tax man – perhaps noticing they didn’t make all the installment payments they should have and the start of the New Year will be a little lean – especially given the market and economic climate they have been working through this last 24 months.  The tax man doesn’t care if the market is struggling.  Listening to upset clients and their children complain about the move, or, “the yard is not big enough”, or “the school is not close enough”, falls into a distant din as they think about what to get for their own children that is affordable, and will still put a smile on their faces.

Remember, all the support staff, the law offices, the property inspectors, the movers….they are all having the same issues you are.  Be Kind, be compassionate, be patient, be generous.

Let the true meaning of the season rule your demeanor, not that last sweater in the sale bin, or that collapsed sale.  Your smile may be just the thing to drop someone else’s rising blood pressure.  Your small act of kindness may set the example that triggers the next and the next.  Help a senior cross a slippery patch on the sidewalk, open a door, let someone else have that parking space – you’ll find another, let that driver merge in front of you as he seems to be in so much more of a hurry than you, deliver the keys to a colleague - don’t make then pick them up, help a client move some boxes, invite the new kids to go skating with yours.

Remember…..  ‘Kindness is contagious so this Christmas Season – and throughout the New Year – be the first link in that chain.

Many Blessings of the Season to you and your families from me and mine.

When the going gets "Tough"...just call me.

Susan Tough

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Christmas Party!

It’s Christmas... It’s Christmas, that wonderful season, when children are good for a very good reason.  They’ve almost got wings sprouting out of their backs, and that’s when their guardian angels relax.   

Well the guardian angels could certainly take a break last Friday.  Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty had their Christmas party at the Beautiful venue of the Kelowna Golf and Country Club.  For the last 10 years the REALTORS®, staff and owners of Horizon Realty participate in collecting cold hard cash and fund raising for the benefit of the Salvation Army Toys for Tots campaign.  Every year they step up to the plate at their annual Christmas Party, in a very big way. 

With the theme “Christmas in Paris” to inspire them, the party goers opened their hearts and wallets by buying draw tickets  for door prizes donated by Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty and Mortgage Alliance Homeline Mortgage.  

As well, they purchased extraordinary long stem roses from the Kelowna Rose Garden  and cigars that were generously donated by the Watson Brothers Real Estate Team. 

 In total $2,000 was raised!!  (rounded up from $1400 with an additional $600 graciously donated by the owners of Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty) I'm so proud of the crew I work with!!!

In addition to the party fund raising the REALTORS® involve their clients by pushing out invitations to participate with us for this worthy cause.  Other businesses like Turner Audi, and Montgomery Miles Law Offices have also joined in.  The front office of our Harvey location is getting full – but there is still time to help us make a difference in the lives of local families over the holidays so bring in your new, unwrapped toy before December 16th.  

In another complimentary effort, Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty has partnered with the Kelowna Ten Thousand Villages for a designated shopping day on December 13th.  The Partnership program supports the “Fair Trade” philosophy,“helping to build a sustainable future” . Through Fair Trade, artisans receive the respect, dignity and hope that comes from working hard and earning fair value for their work.  When purchases are made at this store, proceeds skip the middle man and go back to the artisans and their families.   On the Partnership day – December 13th – 15% of the sales achieved will be shared with our charity of choice – the Salvation Army Toys for Tots”.  If you still have shopping to do – please consider doing it at Ten Thousand Villages in Burtch Plaza on Highway 97, on December 13th. Enjoy the exception selection of unique, artistic and practical gifts to choose from and the pride in knowing your dollars are helping to fill TWO very deserving needs.
Christmas giving – warms the heat - the soul
.... and can be fun too.

When the going gets "Tough"...just call me.

Susan Tough