Thursday, July 14, 2011

My drive to work...

My drive to work was very uplifting today…….  I live in Lakeview Heights West Kelowna.

 As I traveled down Mission Hill, Ridge and Vineyard View to our Westbank office, I passed ‘FOR SALE” signs.  Something that has jumped out at me over the last few weeks is the only sale signs that have SOLD on top of them, have been Coldwell Banker®!

That tells me a couple of things – even though our agents may not have brought the Buyers to the table (although on one sale we did that too), it shows the listing REALTOR® priced the home properly - #1 necessity to achieve a Sale. It also shows they exposed the listing to the market place very well.  ON LOCATION® videos are an amazing tool that our REALTORS® embrace!  The networking abilities, marketing skills and advertising creativity of Coldwell Banker agents get results.

Further down the street our Property Management Maintenance van was in the driveway of one of the rented homes our office manages.  Our landlords benefit from the convenience of time and cost savings our Maintenance Department can offer them.  We can deal with those pesky repairs that happen to every home in the course of its life time.

Further along my drive I passed the FOR SALE sign at a new development marketed by Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty.  Once again – three sales have been recorded lately by the listing agent – also representing the Buyer and assisting in a smooth transition to their new home.

I arrive at Vintage View to park in front of the beautiful two store office building – boasting the COLDWELL BANKER marque.

When our slogan says 
“We Never Stop Moving ®” – we mean it.!
Have a great Coldwell Banker® day – I know I will.

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