Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First Time Home Buyers Week...Coldwell Banker

There seems to be a week for everything these days, but very few of them prove to be valuable for more than just a week. So Coldwell Banker® With 30% of home buyers in 2013 being first time home buyers, they are dedicating an entire week of content on the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog, Twitter and Facebook pages to sharing tips, explaining terminology, and guiding first time home buyers through the real estate process.  We will also post this info to our Facebook page as it filters through to us.

The Coldwell Banker network of agents and brokers across the globe share insights as well as real life experiences from first time buyers who are currently going through the home buying process for the first time. In my Blog of September 8, 2011  “Out of the Mouths of Babes” I review some of these topics from the perspective of my daughter – who just bought her first house.  Even though inventory and markets change, the basics haven’t changed much at all –Here’s just a quick sample of some of the content I’ll be unveiling as it comes through:

8 Tips for Finding Your First Home
Confessions of a First Time Home Buyer – Taking the Leap
Common Closing Costs for Buyers
Real Estate 101: What does it mean to be pre-approved?
Real Estate 101: The Importance of Interest Rates
9 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

As an aside to the First Time Home Buyer Week – there have been reports generated from surveys that show a very interesting trend in young couples entering the real estate market.

When headlines address the home buying market, it’s typically done from a dollars-and-cents perspective. But, buying a home is so much more than a business transaction as we are seeing a shift in the real estate culture that is being led by millennial couples who are purchasing a home before marriage. Buying a home is one of the most emotionally impact-ful experiences a person can have, especially if it’s a mutual experience shared with one’s husband or wife (to be).

Coldwell Banker Real Estate partnered with market research firm Harris Interactive to learn more about the emotions married adults exhibit during the home buying process. As it turns out, the survey findings revealed that 1 in 4 young couples are buying a home together before tying the knot. The results also discovered that nearly all (92 percent) of married individuals who purchased their first home with their current spouse after being married view it as a positive milestone in their relationship and life together. From a psychological vantage point, these statistics make complete sense.

Purchasing a home is a very exciting and special time in a couple’s life.  Time.com and USA Today, have been seen to say buying a home together has become “the new engagement ring” for some young couples. The home buying process forces couples to deal with their competing feelings of money and how to spend it, and that is why successfully purchasing a home with someone else is deemed a significant accomplishment in any relationship. It means the couple has been able to overcome their differences in an effort to create a better future together.


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