Thursday, March 22, 2012

“Are you sure You know what you are doing?”

The issues that cross my desk are sometimes ordinary, comical and even bizarre.  They will stem from uncontrollable circumstances with clients, with property issues and just plain life.  They can also stem from dishonest parties to the contract (again uncontrollable on the part of the REALTOR®).

The ones that truly trouble me are the ones that come from ill prepared or uneducated  REALTORS®  working in an area of the business that is beyond their expertise.  The people that suffer are the clients from their loss or circumstance –----- it could have very easily been avoided.

I’ve asked permission of one of our REALTORS® to share his post from facebook the other day.  I did receive a call from the REALTOR® that is the “hero”  in this, confirming her position and authority to act for her client the way she intended. Confirmation, Preparation, Education, Diligence, and also keeping the clients best interests at heart.  I am very proud to say the Marlene Braun works with Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty.

I am very sorry for the clients that were not properly represented and lost out on something they likely really wanted only because their REALTOR® didn’t know what she was doing.  When that happens – the whole industry suffers.

Enjoy the read.

Quoted from Blake Robert’s FB post:

This is why you hire a real estate professional with experience who knows the ins and outs of the business:
This morning at 8:45AM, Marlene Braun gets a call from a client who wants to put an offer in on a property in the Shuswap that is in foreclosure. There is an offer already in from another REALTOR®  that is set to be presented at 10:00AM.
For those who don’t know how foreclosures work, the first offer in, the once accepted by the bank is publicly disclosed so others can appear in court to write their own offer as well.
While Marlene scrambles to wrap up an appointment she is already dealing with, I get three offers written... One sufficient to outbid the offer already in from the first REALTOR®, plus two more so we are ready to go head to head against others who may arrive in court or if the first offer written is increased when they learn someone else has arrived in court.
9:55AM Marlene arrives in court along with her buyer so they are ready for all circumstances.
The  REALTOR® with the initially accepted offer is in court, surprised that someone else has arrived to compete with the first offer.
The initial buyer has not accompanied that REALTOR®, nor is there another offer prepared in the event another REALTOR® and client (Marlene) arrives in court.
This story wraps up by 10:20AM with Marlene’s offer accepted, her client suitably impressed that she worked as hard and efficiently as she did on VERY short notice...the REALTOR® and client with the first accepted offer out in the cold.

When the going gets "Tough"...just call me.

Susan Tough

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