Friday, September 21, 2012

Stage this Home and Sell it...

There are many cliché’s or motivational anecdotes out there that can help us through life.

“you will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

"There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulty or you alter yourself to meet them."
"Focus on the critical few, not the insignificant many…. Even the most powerful waves begin as a single drop."

"Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to".  
"A positive attitude is a powerful force…. It can’t be stopped."  
"One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling 
"If you do not believe – you won’t achieve"

One in particular stands out for me because it can be applied to all facets of life – your friends, your business, your job, your yard and your Home.

“You only have One chance to Make a good first impression” 

Think about it as you move through your day working on accomplishing specific tasks, meeting new people, how you are served in a new restaurant you might try or by a service provider – your drycleaner – the appliance repair man.  Whether or not you have a memorable experience you may or may not return.  What about that impression your home made on a Buyer contemplating a move to your area or price range.

Home Stager’s have become a very important and useful service connection for the Real Estate industry and home owners – in all price ranges.  I’e invited one of our favourite “stagers” to share her valuable advice in my Blog today.

Guest Blogger - Kym Tarr with
Prep this House

Home Staging –Get Your Home Sale Ready!

The stresses caused by the showing and selling your home, some say is right up there with a divorce or death in the family.  However things can go much more smoothly if you get your home ready ahead of time so as to impress buyers and get the top price your aiming for.
Preparing your home for sale is a bit like designing a stage for a play. Everything is in just the right place, perfectly arranged, and comfortably set.  If you're skeptical about the benefits of going to all this work or doubt that it will make any difference in selling your home, put yourself in the place of a home buyer.

Have you ever toured through a development of show homes? The paint is fresh, appliances are shiny, there is artwork arranged around the house, and fresh flowers stand on the kitchen counter. Mirrors are sparkling, towels fresh, and there are no toys on the floor. The rooms look spacious and the furniture comfortable.  The kitchens and bathrooms are polished, smelling fresh, and clutter is not to be seen.

Now leave the development of show homes and go down the street where the homes are several years old. Children's toys are stacked in the family room. Boxes are stacked in the garage to the point where you couldn't park even one car there. Clothes fill the bedroom closets. The house isn't dirty, but there are clean dishes in the kitchen sink and toothpaste stuck on the bathroom vanity. Homework is spread out on the dining room table. The family dog is barking because of the strangers in the house and the floors are showing their wear.

With all other things being equal, which house would be more appealing to you? Of course, the first one! The homes may be the same size, but because of the clear layout, the first home would  much larger. The house was prepared to show off all the good points and none of the bad.

So if you just can't see through all your things to the core of your home, consider hiring a professional to stage your home!   By bringing a Home Stager on board, you the homeowner will get unbiased feedback about what does or does not work in a home and how to highlight your homes best features.   Which in turn will likely sell the home for a higher price.

Thanks so much to Kym Tarr’s continued advice and support for our clients and our REALTORS®.

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